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With demand for tattoo removal services at an all-time high, the UltraLUX PRO enables skin and beauty therapists to widen their customer reach with professional tattoo removal treatments. This value-added feature makes the UltraLUX PRO the most versatile non-surgical aesthetics device on the market that will work hard to grow your customer base, and your profits.

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LUX Series Tattoo Removal

LUX Series tattoo removal uses a sophisticated Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser known for its ability to remove a variety of tattoo ink types and colours. The rapid laser light energy is absorbed by the tattoo pigment, causing the tattoo to shatter into tiny pieces, which are then filtered out through the lymphatic system.

Treatments with LUX Series Tattoo Removal which can remove tattoos within 6-12 sessions based on the quality of tattoo. By matching the colour of the laser to the colour of the unwanted tattoo ink, multi-coloured professional tattoos as well as single colour amateur tattoos can be removed safely and effectively.

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LUX Series Carbon Facials

Carbon Facials are an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment also commonly known as the “China Doll Facial”, or “Hollywood Facial”. By combining a cutting-edge tattoo removal laser machine with a special carbon cream, Carbon Facials work to reduce skin imperfections such as enlarged pores, pigmentation, acne scarring and fine lines, while offering an instantaneous glow to your client’s complexion.

Carbon Facials are the perfect skin corrective treatment for clients wishing to achieve a smoother, clearer, more radiant skin tone without having to spend too much time in the treatment room. The treatment takes just 40 minutes, is painless, and best of all — there’s no post-treatment downtime, so your clients are free to get on with their day as normal following a treatment.

A Comprehensive Training Program Included With Your Purchase!

The first step to effective laser tattoo removal is world-class training!

A highly developed training program is provided FREE for you and one other staff member with your purchase. Training is conducted at our Melbourne training centre and a Travel Assistance Rebate is supplied for interstate customers.

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Award-winning marketing support is just one of the features of our ongoing customer support. Enjoy award winning marketing support to ensure you make the most of your LUX Series laser tattoo removal machine!

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