Are you a Carbon Facial fan?

The team at The Global Beauty Group are HUGE fans of Carbon Facials! This power-packed treatment works hard to beautify, smooth and brighten skin with no post-treatment downtime.

What’s even better? It’s super profitable too! Your clients will love the Carbon Facial effect so much that it’s quite natural to sell the treatment as a package of 4-6 sessions. So you can ensure they will be coming back for more!

Consider Carbon Facials are you next signature facial experience by combining it with a LED light therapy machine. Layer your next Carbon Facial with Blue Light LED to create a results-driven layered treatment for acne sufferers.

Our LUX Series tattoo removal machines for sale not only offer in-demand tattoo removal treatments but Carbon Facials too! Thanks to one handpiece, you are able to offer 2 results-driven and profitable services that keep your customers coming back for more.

Ask us about tattoo removal lasers today by calling The Global Beauty Group on 1300 006 607.